Customer Case Study | Blue Pearl & Bata

Client Profile:

Blue Pearl was entrusted with a mission by Bata, a world-renowned shoe manufacturing giant, to bolster their IT infrastructure.

Bata stands tall with its sprawling supply chain and sales network, encompassing an E-commerce platform and an on-premises customer feedback system.

Client Challenge:

The pre-existing IT setup at Bata was grappling to keep pace with the burgeoning demands of their expanding E-commerce endeavors and the management of their customer feedback platform.

Challenges revolving around performance, scalability, and reliability had surfaced.

Bata sought a solution that could ensure uninterrupted service delivery to their online patrons and elevate the efficiency of their in-house customer feedback system.

Solution Presented by Blue Pearl:

Blue Pearl, recognizing the gravity of Bata’s IT infrastructure concerns, put forth an all-encompassing solution, which included the following key elements:

Blue Pearl orchestrated a transformative IT solution for Bata, beginning with the strategic deployment of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) servers to house both the E-commerce website and the customer feedback platform.

Ensuring high availability and minimal service disruption, they ingeniously implemented Amazon Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) to evenly distribute incoming traffic across the dual EC2 servers.

In the event of server glitches, a seamless traffic rerouting mechanism ensured uninterrupted service for Bata’s online patrons.

Complementing these advancements, Blue Pearl bolstered data protection through routine backups to Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) and introduced a robust disaster recovery strategy to swiftly address unforeseen outages or data integrity issues.

Furthermore, the EC2 servers’ autonomous scalability, coupled with real-time performance monitoring facilitated by Amazon CloudWatch, fortified Bata’s ability to gracefully accommodate surges in visitor traffic.

Emphasizing security, Blue Pearl fortified Bata’s digital real estate by implementing a comprehensive security suite encompassing regular patching and Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) isolation, while steadfastly upholding adherence to stringent industry standards like PCI DSS for the E-commerce platform.

Results and Benefits:

Bata seamlessly integrated the recommended enhancements to their IT infrastructure as envisioned by Blue Pearl, reaping the following substantial benefits:

  • The E-commerce website’s performance saw a remarkable upswing, translating into expedited load times and heightened customer satisfaction.
  • The assurance of high availability guaranteed uninterrupted service delivery to Bata’s online patrons, even during periods of peak traffic.
  • Data backup and disaster recovery measures augmented data protection, curtailing the risk of data loss to a minimum.
  • The deployment of scalability and monitoring tools empowered Bata to adapt proactively to fluctuating traffic patterns and swiftly address potential issues.
  • Stringent security protocols and compliance measures provided an impenetrable fortress for customer data and financial transactions.

Bata’s strategic alliance with Blue Pearl for the enhancement of their IT infrastructure played an instrumental role in enhancing their online customer experience, thereby fortifying their standing as a prominent leader in the shoe manufacturing industry.


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