Build your Startup in the Cloud

Blue Pearl will guide you in choosing the correct services and giving you a step by step guide.


We will setup a session to fully understand your business requirements in one or two sessions and identify the services that you will require from AWS.


When we have identified your requirements we will then start designing the flow and how the services will communicate with each other and sharing with the customer the Solutions Architect design. Keeping in mind the cost saving.


When we have signed the scope of work, we will commence with offering the professional services that the Jump Start Program will fully fund. When the deployment has been complete we offer unlimited support.

The Advantages of being a cloud-enabled startup

Lower infrastructure and space costs
Cost-effective support
Improved scalability
Capital preservation
Cloud technology connectivity

AWS startup in the cloud

Ultimately, AWS is the most nimble cloud platform, which is really what startups need given the prospect of scaling fast and the demands of adding new features and applications quickly.

This cloud platform is used by both large enterprises and startups. At AWS, there are many services that can help with your startup needs like Auto Scaling.

AWS Start up in the Cloud comes with many advantages which include custom solutions and consulting services:

  • You only pay for what you actually use
  • AI and machine learning integration
  • Best-in-class performance
  • Reliability, any time and all the time
  • Extensive features
  • Try it out for free

The competition: AWS powers more than 33% of the entire cloud computing market

It IS best on the market for startups.

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