Well-Architected Review Framework

Blue Pearl is proud to present our innovative WAR (Well-Architected Review) methodology, a unique approach that harnesses the power of AWS (Amazon Web Services) and cutting-edge Trend Micro tools.

This methodology is designed to provide comprehensive assessments of our clients’ infrastructures, ensuring they are secure, wellarchitected, and optimized for peak performance.

Our commitment to delivering tailored solutions that evolve with our clients’ needs in the dynamic digital landscape sets us apart.

6 steps of our well architected review

Stakeholder Identification

We initiate the process by identifying key stakeholders for the architecture review.

Stakeholders are categorized into two segments: Business (executives and business analysts) and Technical (architects, developers, and project managers).

Business Review

Blue Pearl’s Business Department takes responsibility for evaluating operational excellence, recognizing its significance in workload management and strategic alignment.

Conformity Assessment

Our approach includes a comprehensive conformity assessment using specialized tools.

This assessment provides valuable insights and forms the foundation for subsequent actions and decisions.

Technical Review

The Technical Department takes charge of evaluating various aspects, including workload, security, high availability, and more.

The duration of this session may vary based on the complexity and workload of each department.

WARf Report

Blue Pearl employs the Well-Architected Review Framework (WARf) report to assess an organization’s cloud infrastructure.


Blue Pearl’s commitment extends beyond assessments and reports.

We take proactive steps to address high-risk items.

This report includes:

WARf Report

The WARf report serves as a valuable guide to enhancing architecture quality and efficiency.


A summary of the current architecture and objectives.


Detailed insights into strengths and areas for improvement.


Actionable suggestions for enhancing architecture.

Risk Assessment

Identification of potential risks.

Prioritised Roadmap

A plan for implementing improvements.

Compliance, Security, Performance, and Operational Efficiency


Blue Pearl’s commitment extends beyond assessments and reports. We take proactive steps to address high-risk items.

We can remediate approximately 45% of these issues

These remediations not only improve architecture but also have the potential to unlock AWS credits, making them strategically valuable.

You will receive up to $5,000 in credits when we have successfully completed the remediation process.

These credits can be applied to optimize your AWS resources and further enhance your infrastructure in alignment with best practices.

Let us help you make your AWS environment WELL-ARCHITECTED 

At Blue Pearl, our WAR methodology combines expertise, tools, and best practices to ensure that our clients’ systems are not just secure and well-architected, but also optimized for the challenges of today’s digital landscape. We are dedicated to delivering comprehensive, tailored solutions that evolve with our clients’ everchanging needs.