Case Study: AWS / Blue Pearl / M4JAM

M4JAM Data Migration

In December 2020 Blue Pearl was contracted to provide services in relation to data management and analytics in providing M4JAM with the capability to manage data through a data warehouse and analyze this through a visualization tool viz. Tableau which the client had procured the licenses for.

Blue Pearl provided M4JAM with a comparison of cloud services and Amazon Web Services (AWS) was selected as the service. A Data Warehouse using Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been created allowing for near to real time or scheduled data ingestion from multiple sources.

Data Marts and materialized views have been created for key data models along with the analytics pointing to these. Tableau has been setup on AWS as well.

AWS Services Implemented:

  • Database Management Service.
  • Redshift.
  • S3.
  • Load Balancer.
  • Elastic.
  • RDS.
  • Presto

“Blue Pearl were instrumental in supporting Square One Consulting during a Cloud Migration engagement we had with our client (M4JAM). The team of specialists are knowledgeable and experienced and provide current insights. Collectively the team have demonstrated their ability to support technology partners such as ourselves with AWS cloud migrations. It has been a pleasure to work with the Blue Pearl team and Mr. Saireshan Govender (CEO) himself has supported us throughout the engagement. We would recommend Blue Pearl consultancy for their strong AWS competency and skillsets.”

IMRAAN HASSIM (Director) – Square one consulting – March 2021

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